About Baptism

The late F.F. Bruce, a widely esteemed authority on The New Testament for many decades, often made the perceptive insight that “The New Testament knows nothing of an unbaptized believer.” At DayBreak, we agree that such a conclusion is both a crystal clear and accurate directive from Scripture!

Have you made a profession of faith in Christ yet never been baptized? Wuzzup wid dat? Are you waiting for the Mayan calendar to prompt you to do so?

It’s a curious reality of contemporary church history that, whereas the Scripture makes it apparent that the New Testament church usually baptized believers immediately upon their profession of faith in Jesus (Acts 2:41; 8;36f; 16:31-34), today there is frequently a needless and lengthy period of time between confession of faith and baptism. In fact, as compared to the Bible’s close connection between salvation and baptism, many denominations and churches have established a closer affinity between baptism and local church membership. Why? Think about that the next time you hear some eager Protestant criticize the Catholics for paying more attention to church traditions than to Scripture!

Yes, over the years denominations and their churches have acquired some curious behavioral hybrids featuring a puzzling mixture of oddz ‘n endz from church history and Scripture.

Recently, the elders at DayBreak Community Church and other interested members of our community have given careful thought to the matter of baptism and how it is viewed and practiced in our fellowship. In so doing, we’ve recognized that we need to “pull our theological socks up,” if you will. Here then for your information are some decisions we have recently recommitted to in this regard.

1. Baptism should normally follow a profession of faith in Christ and be administered thereafter as quickly as possible.

2. Following profession of faith, baptism should be considered the first step on the road of a life-long commitment to and growth in Christian discipleship. First and foremost, baptism signifies that the one being baptized is a new creation in Christ by virtue of a faith commitment to Jesus and that, as they mature in Christ, they desire to bring all areas of their life into conformity with God’s will as revealed in Scripture.

3. Going forward, DayBreak Community Church will schedule a baptismal service once per calendar-quarter with the date of the service announced at the outset of each quarter. Those desiring baptism in obedience to the example of Jesus and the teaching of Scripture should make their desire known to one of the elders of the church. Classes regarding the significance of baptism at DayBreak will then be conducted prior to each quarter’s baptism service.

It is the hope of the elders that this information will be of help in understanding the importance we attach to baptism at DayBreak and that, further, if you are a Christ-follower but have not yet been baptized, you will seriously consider doing so very soon.

We have scheduled the next baptism service at DayBreak for Sunday, July 17, and it is not too late to speak with one of the elders (myself, Noreen Seib, Brian Thiessen) if you would like to be included in what always proves to be an inspiring celebration!