An Open Letter To DayBreak Community Church

It’s strange, you know? Starting a new job, meeting tonnes of new coworkers, new kids, new parents, even finding myself around a new community – it’s strange because despite all of this, I still feel like I’ve been here for more than a week. 

In all honesty, I never thought that I would leave my home church in McKenzie Towne (actually in all honesty I never thought I would be attending any church). But then McKenzie Towne Church grew and grew and in the fall of 2015 we expanded, creating my new home of Mission Hill Church. Fast forward two years and here I am – a Summer Intern with DayBreak Community Church in Airdrie. 

I am a 20 year old student with a love for God, music, and my cat, Nora (and my dog, Jasper). This summer I hope to grow in my areas of weakness while also strengthening my beliefs and talents. I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store!