Welcome to the wonderful world of DayBreak Kids. Here at DayBreak Community Church we adore children and take ministering to them very seriously in the most fun way possible.

DayBreak Kids Purpose Statement

“We will enrich lives with the good news of Jesus” by offering

  • A SAFE environment
  • With a FUN, engaging atmosphere
  • To develop meaningful, affirming RELATIONSHIPS
  • That enable relevant and stimulating LEARNING
  • Leading to SERVING others in our city

Children at DayBreak

Kids in the Worship Hour? A child’s spiritual development centers around their caregivers so here at DayBreak, we want children to participate in worship with the adults. They will be dismissed to DayBreak Kids after Kid’s Break.
Kid’s Break? During the corporate worship hour, Kid’s Break invites children forward (if comfortable) and engages both children and adults with learning for children. Parents are welcome to join their children in Kid’s Break and the dismissal process.
Is DayBreak Kids Optional? Absolutely! Children are invited to attend children’s programming or remain in the service. Activity packs are provided for those remaining in the service and can be signed out at the DayBreak Kids Host Services counter during check-in.
Are Caregivers Allowed in DayBreak Kids? We want you and your children to feel safe. Therefore, you are invited to attend DayBreak Kids to offer your calming presence and reassurance as your child adjusts to the new environment. However, we ask that you refrain from interacting with or assisting other children as we have a strict screening process for our amazing volunteers.
Is it Safe? All our volunteers at DayBreak (not just the children’s volunteers) have been well screened, including a criminal check with a vulnerable sector. Each volunteer wears our official DayBreak Kids apparel and ID badge so children know who is a ‘safe’ adult. Also, we are constantly improving to offer the most secure atmosphere. When outside DayBreak Kids care, please remember church is a public place so keep children within your sight at all times.

DayBreak Kids Areas

DayBreak Kids offers three age specific breakout groups for building relationships and learning about the Bible and how to serve God through interactive storytelling and activities. Please note: during July and August, DayBreak Kids for 3 years old to grade 3 meets as one group in the Elementary Room.
The Babies and Toddlers (ages 0–3 years old) Nursery is located in the room just past the restrooms in the west hallway. This room is unstaffed. Feel free to go into the room and play with your child(ren) any time during the service.
The Preschool and Kindergarten (ages 3–5) breakout group is located in the last room on the right in the west hallway. Snack may be offered.
The Elementary (grades 1–3) breakout group is located in the room at the end of the east hallway. Snack is occasionally offered.
The Preteens (grades 4–6) breakout group is located in the Fireside Room in the lobby. Snack is occasionally offered.

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