This is DayBreak!

*names changed

Austin* moved to Airdrie almost two years ago from central Canada. Apart from a distant relative, he knew no one here.

His vehicle needed some mechanical work done but he wasn’t exactly sure what was required or if he had the necessary funds to get it done. Nonetheless, he headed out to his driveway one morning intending to look under the hood to see what he could determine.

Glancing down the street, he noticed a gentleman out on the street in front of a home with his head under the hood of a vehicle. Austin walked over and inquired “Are you a mechanic?”

“I’m a backyard mechanic,” responded the man while twisting a socket wrench. “Hi, I’m Lance,” he said, ducking out from under the hood and sticking out a grease-smeared hand.

Lance* attends DayBreak Community Church and that encounter that day was the beginning of a friendship wherein Lance learned about Austin’s recent move to Airdrie and that he knew virtually no one here. Lance asked Austin to go for coffee and subsequently to come over to his home for meals and visits. In the course of building rapport by helping Austin with his mechanical issues and other “newcomer to Airdrie” realities, he informed Austin he was a Christ-follower and, in time, invited Austin to come along with him to worship at DayBreak. Austin accepted his invitation.

One year ago this past Sunday, I met Austin for the first time following Easter morning worship and we had a brief chat which eventually led to our having lunch and some get-togethers at which I learned more about his world along with some of the circumstances he was wrestling with at the time.

This past Sunday, I had lunch with Austin to celebrate one year of his attending DayBreak but more importantly, to celebrate that he recently gave his life to Christ, attended last weekend’s baptism classes at DayBreak and is looking forward to being baptized soon.

These delightful realities are the direct result of Lance’s engaging the spirit of DayBreak. His attitude and actions are the essence of what DayBreak is about. If I’ve said it once over the past 2-3 years, I’ve said it fifty times: “DayBreak is earning the right to speak into people’s lives.” Relationship leads to credibility and credibility to spiritual harvest.

Every one of us has numerous opportunities to invest in the lives of the Austins in our spheres. We all make choices as to whether we will identify, engage or decline the opportunities God presents us to build rapport, respect and trust with those He leads across our paths. In 2015 I periodically challenged you to find ONE PERSON in that calendar year to be your “Austin.” Very few of you have given me any indication that you engaged or even attempted that assignment. The fact is; if we each had had an “Austin” from 2015, our church would have doubled in size.

Nine times out of ten in today’s world, potential spiritual redemption BEGINS with meaningful relationship and every one of us has a role to play in that regard. To assist you in that regard, every day of the week we have numerous people from the community coming into our facility for various purposes. Next week we will distribute something like 350 Good Food Boxes to parties we know have spiritual hunger as well as physical hunger.
What’s holding you back from engaging these opportunities to meet and engage members of the community? What’s holding you back from engaging the opportunities you encounter on the streets where you live, in the communities where you should be involved?

So, my friends, I don’t want to hear any more feeble excuses from you about “I don’t understand DayBreak or I don’t know what DayBreak is.” It’s not rocket-science. Jesus modeled it for us when he walked this earth. He made it a priority to engage and invest in the lives of …. wait for it, here it comes, careful now—SINNERS!

You make it your business to engage the potential Austins of your world in the manner that Lance so commendably has, and the DayBreak Leadership Team is working diligently to improve our record with respect to “being a welcoming and engaging church that is growing with Airdrie” which, in case you didn’t know, is our church’s primary vision statement.